Meditation leicht gemacht

Meditation made easy. Tips for better meditation.

„I can’t sit still.
My mind is wandering.
My legs have gone numb.
I’m bored.
I’ve got better and more important things to do.

There are so many things which can discourage us and keep us from meditating and many people really find it difficult. Especially in the beginning. But meditation is not difficult. Everyone can do it, I promise. I know of some clever and simple tricks which can help you to establish a regular practice without forcing yourself. They will make it all much easier and turn your meditation into a feel-good practice which you’ll never want to miss out on ever again.

These tricks will not immediately quieten all the above mentioned hindering thoughts and feelings. But they can help you to smoothen the path so that everything flows a little better. They will make you approach the meditation practice with a more open, more curious and less prejudiced mind. They will make it easier to drop all expectations so that you can really engage with the experience – no matter what happens.

And these are the tips and tricks:

Meditation made easy. 17 simple tricks for better meditation.

  1. Don’t take it all too serious. Have fun and enjoy your meditation.
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit for the whole duration of your meditation. The place should be uncluttered and you should treat it as a temple.
  3. Set up your own little temple or meditation corner, your sacred space for mediation. It can simply be a corner in your room, a small altar, your favourite spot by the window, between your flower pots and plants … Treat this place like a temple: keep it clean and tidy, decorate it with candles, fresh flowers or a picture… anything you like. Setting up such a space destined only for meditation helps you because it gives your mind a signal when you enter this place. It helps to put yourself into a meditative mood and to leave the daily hustle behind you for a moment. Also, over time, you charge the space with a special energy full of positive and calming vibes, which you immediately feel as soon as you enter it.
  4. For beginners: Start with short sessions and don’t worry about duration. It will increase automatically over time. Start with 10 minutes, that will do for now.
  5. Stretch your body before meditation.
  6. Meditate on an empty stomach or try at least not to eat something too heavy before you sit down.
  7. If this is part of your practice, do some pranayama before the meditation. A short session of 10 minutes will calm your mind and your whole system and prepare you for the meditation.
  8. When you are seated: pause for a moment and become totally aware of your surroundings.
  9. Sit up straight: A straight spine is essential for meditation as it allows the life energy to flow freely through your body.
  10. Make yourself comfortable – always with your spine upright, of course. Whether you’re sitting on a chair, a meditation cushion, a yoga mat … It is important that you’re comfortable, otherwise, your attention will be on holding the position or fidgeting around throughout the meditation. By the way, my credo is: if you really have to, go on and change or adjust your position. Nobody should have to endure pain, that’s not what meditation is about. But be really attentive: Is it your mind that wants to distract you by telling you to move? Or is there real pain?
  11. Stay warm. Use your favourite blanket to cover your legs and/or shoulders.
  12. Wear something comfortable, not too tight or too wide, loosen your belt, undo your trousers, make sure you can breathe easily and are not restricted by your clothes. Take off your jewellery, watch and glasses and avoid perfume as it can distract you.
  13. Try to relax completely, do not try to control anything and drop all expectations about the „outcome or effect” of the meditation. Let yourself be surprised and embrace whatever comes up. Every session is different!
  14. Use the breath as an anchor. When your mind is agitated or wanders: As soon as you notice it, concentrate on your breath and use it to bring you back to the present moment.
  15. Don’t try to silence or empty your mind, it will never work. It’s a common misconception to assume that you have to switch off your thoughts while meditating. Let all thoughts and feelings come. Accept and embrace them, don’t judge them and above all don’t judge yourself for having thoughts while you meditate. Meditating is a beautiful opportunity to practise the acceptance of whatever comes up, benevolently and without judging. Accept everything, even your mind jumping back and forth, wandering from your breath, to the sounds around you, to your thoughts and body sensations and back again.
  16. Nothing is a disturbance in meditation: No sound, no thought, no feeling … everything you hear, think and feel during meditation belongs to life and to this very moment. Welcome it, accept it and integrate it into your experience.
  17. Same time, same place: Consistency is crucial as it is the most direct way to establish a routine or habit. Turn your (daily) meditation into a beautiful ritual that you celebrate at the same time and place every day. Sunrise and sunset are the ideal times for this.
    If you meditate first thing in the morning, you put yourself in a very calm and grounded state, from which you can start into the new day with clarity. During this time of the day, your mind is not yet busy with the many To Dos of the day and in general, the whole world is still quiet. Meditating in the evening is also great because you calm your mind before you go to bed and don’t take all your thoughts of the day into your dreams. This improves your chances of a calm, deep and truly restful sleep.

Do you want to start to meditate? If you’re looking for someone to help you get started, write me a mail to:

To gain a first impression, you can also check out my freebie: a short guided meditation which you can also download.

Noémie Causse

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